Pain Train A Comin' (Preston Quinn Theme)

by Greg Massi

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"The Pain Train" Preston Quinn follows in a long line of wrestlers that prove that, not unlike wine, talent ripens into excellence with age. Therefore, the 40-year old Mid-Atlantic star is Capitol Wrestling's first entrance into March 25th's "Old School Three-Way Dance main event.

While oftentimes in pro wrestling we celebrate youth, it's a just-as-easily arguable point that for many industry superstars, life begins at 40. Though there's modern names like Batista and Christopher Daniels who have shown that getting it done with four decades lived on Earth is more than possible, it's in looking at Terry Funk where we understand what makes PQ so great.

In 1985, a 40-year old Terry Funk was already a legend, but still headlined across the country versus Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. By 1989, he was 45 and headlining versus a 40-year old Ric Flair for the National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship. At 50, he was a King of the Death Match finalist. By 55, he was a ECW World Champion, WCW US Champion, and WWF Tag Team Champion. By 60, he was playing a significant role in the in-ring development of performers like CM Punk. Though life *began* at 40 for Funk in many ways, his renown impressively continued to grow.

During March 25th's Old School Three-Way Dance main event, life begins at 40 for Preston Quinn in Capitol Wrestling. We're advising everyone to get off the tracks because the "Pain Train's" rolling into Jersey City and only begun to pick up steam.

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released February 10, 2017
Composed by Greg Massi
Produced by Greg Massi
Mixed and Mastered by Greg Massi



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